The Nuts and Bolts of It

We’re aware that reading through pages and pages of complex licencing terms can frustrating and confusing; That’s why our licences are written in plain English with simple terms and great examples of what you can, and what you cannot, do with the items your purchase under our licences. Portions of some products may be covered by an open source software license such as the GPL (GNU General Public License). In these cases, any portions of the product not covered by an open source license will be covered by our licence. If you’re still unclear about what is or isn’t allowed under our licencing terms, don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification; we’re more than happy to help.

Regular Licence

Our Regular Licence gives you the right to use any item purchased on from us under this licence in a personal or commercial project for yourself or a client, but the item cannot be resold or redistributed on its own, or used in a product offered for sale where the item contributes to the core value of the product being sold.

Here is what our Regular Licence allows:

  • Personal or commercial use
  • All items may only be used in a single commercial project.
  • For yourself or on behalf of a client
  • On its own, or as part of a new work
  • When used as part of a new work, there’s no limit to the number of copies of the new work that can be distributed so long as the copies are not offered for sale
  • Cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own (even for free)
  • Cannot be used in a product offered for sale where the item contributes to the core value of the product being sold. See examples below:

You Can..

Use the Item In An App

You can use a purchased icon set as functional icons in your app, such as button icons.

Use the item Commercially

You can use a purchased business card for your own personal use, commercially or for a single client.

Use the item in a logo

You can use a purchased font in a logo that you are creating for a client or for yourself.

Use a logo in a website

You can use a purchased logo in website for yourself or in a website for a client.

Convert a template to another format

You can convert a purchased website template to a functional website or template, for yourself or a client.

You Cannot..

Use the item to enhance gameplay

You cannot use a purchased icon set as artwork that enhances gameplay in an app.

Redistribute the item to others

You cannot redistribute a purchased template to other people; not even for free.

Distribute the item with the logo

You cannot redistribute a purchased font with the logo the font is used in, for a client or even for free.

Include the item in a product for sale

You cannot include the purchased logo in a website template, functional website or theme offered for sale, or distributed for free.

Make a converted item available for sale

You cannot convert a purchased website template to a functioal website or theme, to offer for sale or distribute for free.

Our licences applies in conjunction with our Terms & Conditions.
The examples of use listed above are purely guidelines as to what our licences allows or disallows.
We may make changes to our licence terms from time to time as we see fit. You are therefore advised to re-read our licences on a regular basis